Preparing for Re-opening and Beyond

Many states have either reopened or are considering reopening in the near future. As we move beyond quarantine it’s become clear that life will not be the same for quite some time. Those of us employed as essential employees have experienced the challenges of working during a pandemic. As the rest of the country rejoins the workforce it will be an adjustment for us all.

Prior to Covid-19 PPE was a foreign term to those outside of the medical field. Now its usage has spread to the masses as we try to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Personal protection equipment or PPE is an essential part of our daily lives and often required in order for us to perform our work task.

Responsible employers will need to ensure that their staff is properly equipped in order to maintain their health and prevent the spread of Covid-19. During this time it is up to employers to ensure the safety of the employees and their customers by providing certified PPE. If you are a small business and reopening, consider developing a reopening plan and communicating your efforts to your clients. Communication will be critical in how your efforts are received.

              How to Develop a Re-opening Plan

  • Meet with critical staff in your organization. Include key employees on your re-opening plan. Solicit them for feedback and ideas in order for them to provide opportunities to express their concerns and possible solutions.
  • Develop a Cleaning Schedule. Work surfaces should be regularly cleaned and sanitized, using disenfectant sprays and wipes, prior to reopening and beyond. Delegate responsibilities and a checklist to ensure that it is done thoroughly. Consider hiring a cleaning agency if possible. Post signage in key areas so customers know how often spaces are maintained.  A well placed air sanitizer can make a big difference as well and provide Ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection for your home or office.
  • Provide necessary PPE for staff. Evaluate the job responsibilities of employees and determine what types of PPE is necessary for their function. Depending on their role, they may need masks as well as gloves, gowns, face shields, etc.
  • Consider providing PPE to customers. Will you provide customers will complimentary masks? Perhaps include sanitizing stations? Customers want to know that you are taking your health as well as theirs seriously.
  • Develop a staffing plan in the event an employee becomes ill. How will the issue be addressed?

Re-opening can be a stressful experience for both employees and customers, but with proper planning your organization can thrive. Your organization’s response during this time is critical. Being supportive of staff can boost morale during this difficult time. If you are unsure of what PPE products will be best for your organization, speak with one of our Account Managers in order to develop a solution that’s best for you.