A Parents Dilemma: In person or remote learning?

If you’re a parent, chances are you are struggling with the dilemma of whether or not to send your kids to school full time. The pandemic has lasted longer than the average person would have expected and there is no end in sight. As we begin to move forward most are concerned with how their children will be able to attend school safely.

Following recent news it appears that no one can agree on whether schools can open safely. The CDC and government officials are at odds with what the upcoming semesters will look like. Many districts have presented parents with various options that include hybrid and full remote learning. One thing we can all agree on is that our children’s safety is a high priority. In thinking about how to keep your children safe consider the following when preparing for back to school.

  1. Children’s masks: an essential item for kids this year.  If returning back to school or sports your child will likely need multiple masks for the week. Keep track of your kid’s masks by labeling each one with their name or color coding them according to each child.  For reusable masks, consider buying a hanger or hooks to hang everyones masks and keep them organized and easy to find quickly.
  2. Hand Sanitizer clips: Make sure you kids are armed with their own hand sanitizer that can be clipped to their backpack, belt loop or purse.  Since these are refillable, they'll save you money and let you pick whatever sanitizer you prefer.
  3. Lysol Wipes:  A travel pack of Lysol wipes is always a great idea to have on hand.  Through a package of these into your kids backpack or even in your purse to be able to wipe down shared surfaces.
  4. Practice good hand washing: Let’s be honest, children are not always the best at washing their hands. Use their time at home to practice their hand washing technique with these fun aquarium series soap! You can even make it fun by helping them choose their own song to sing-a-long.  For a fun hands free, refillable container check out this cool Dinosaur pump!
  5. Practice wearing a mask: Kids have been out of school for some time and most have been at home where it’s not necessary to wear a mask. Have your child practice wearing a mask for extended periods. Start with one hour a day and slowly increase the length of time.  If your child doesn't like the feel of the mask or if their ears become tired of the straps consider buying an extender that will take the pressue off their ears.
  6. Talk with your child about the changes that will occur in school. Reassure them during this time and talk to them about how they are feeling.